Sunday, June 19, 2005

Back from Camp, Ready to Mortify

Our church's Family Camp ended yesterday, and it really was a good time together. As I mentioned, Phil Johnson was the speaker, and Nova and I really enjoyed getting to know Phil and his lovely wife Darlene. We were regaled with tales of Phil's gall bladder bursting while in an airplane that was locked down due to a bomb threat, as well as Phil's Seismic Travel Curse of '97. His topic for the camp was the mortification of sin (that would make such a great name for a hardcore band), and was extremely practical and helpful, and will give me a lot to chew on for a while. You can check out all of the sermons at SermonAudio (though the first one is missing a few minutes at the start due to "technical difficulties"). They'll definately be staying in my mp3 player for a while. We also got to chat a bit about blogs and RSS, the various people that we both know (with me being a former Master's College student, there were quite a few), a little about the New Perspective on Paul, and why I still love Doug Wilson, even though sometimes I think he's whacked. It was great to finally put a face to a person that I've been reading on the Web in various places for a decade, and Phil and Darlene were truly gracious and a lot of fun to be around.

As a good Microsoftie, I tried to get Phil to switch to using Outlook, and gave him a card for a free product support incident to see if they can't address any of the lingering issues that prevent him from making the jump. But Phil is a guy that still runs Wordperfect 5.1 in a DOS window to do his text editing (no, really!), so getting him to switch software is no mean feat.

And of course, as is the goal of a Family Camp, our family had a great time, William and Kathleen ran rampant, swung, slid, rode a miniature train, and in general just had a blast, even taking into account Kathleen's little mishap that left her with a nasty looking, though superficial scratch on her cheek (Nova doesn't seem to find "Scarface" the endearing nickname that I do for some reason).


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